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明扬橙 B.x buttiana ‘Mingyang Cheng’

明扬橙 B.x buttiana ‘Mingyang Cheng’

B.x buttiana ‘Mingyang Cheng’

Natural mutant cultivar, bud sport from B. x buttiana ‘Mrs. McClean’.

The sport was found by Mr. szhualao in Mr. Ye’s bougainvillea nursery in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, in July 2009 and developed by Mr. Ye.
Mr. szhualao gave the name to the new variety.

Variegated variety. Dwarf, growth restriction. Less lateral branches. Thorns short and thin, slightly curved. New stems yellow-green. Leaf blade ovate, round bottom,
acuminate apex, glabrous. New Leaves green in the middle and yellow-green at the edge as margins. Old leaves green in whole. Bracts ovate, twisted, heart-shaped bottom, acute apex. New bracts bright orange, old bracts pink. Flower-tubes shorter, contraction in the middle, the same color as the bracts. True-flowers cream-yellow, not prominent. Blooming sparsely at the top of the branches. The rest of the habit is the same as B. x buttiana ‘Mrs. McClean’.